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He lies, almost curled completely around her; his arm slung over her side, his nose nestled in the crook of her shoulder. He has worshipped her all night, and his manhood finally rests as he lies awake beside her, content to just be with her.
He gazes at her in awe.... It's quite obvious that he is in love with her. You pause in your work to simply watch what this young couple does. You don't see anything you shouldn't.... the silk sheets he requested ensures that, but even if you could you would pay no mind to it.You are simply here to watch this beautiful pair. No, instead you just linger in the shadows.
His arm moves, and he strokes her hair tenderly, his lips caressing her jaw, her mouth, her shoulder. There is again nothing sexual in his activities- he is simply loving her. She stirs slightly in her sleep and he freezes, his hand poised above her naval where he had been rubbing small circles. You want to cry out, to beg her not to wake and end this beautiful moment. Soon she settles again and he breathes a soft sigh. You release a breath you did not realize you had. He resumes his gentle motions, now murmuring soft words of love into her ears. You strain to hear, and pick up a name. Ashley. His lover's name is Ashley. His hands flow like water over her body, a sensual river. A few more minutes and she is stirring, and returning his touches. A caress across his stubbled cheek. Fingertips smoothing over his chest and stomach. Her lips press into his neck as his hands slide to her waist. There is a soft moan, a name. It's his name- Jackson. They kiss for a moment, and then simply gaze at each other, and you can feel their love permeating the room. You decide to give them their space and so you tiptoe out of the room, gather your cart, and head on down the hall, knowing you will savor those tender moments you were priveledged to see for a very long time.



That light at the end of the tunnel just might be an angry dragon

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todays saying is

All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.

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"Stop staring, Kris!'

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You were totally staring at my wang."

"Um, dickhead, how can I stare at it? Its all covered up."

Sighs."Fine. you were staring at where it's supposed to be."

" Are you saying it's not there?"

"Oh, it's there."

"Somehow I don't believe you."

"I'm a man aren't I?"

"That's debatable sometimes."

Mutters under his breath."look, do I need to fucking show you?"

"That won't prove anything. It could be a fucking strap-on for all I know."

Drops his trousers to reveal the peen we all drool over at night. "There. now does that look like a fucking strap-on?"

Eyes grow wide at the glorious piece of man-flesh before her. "Um.....no....That's actually really big. And hot..."

"Are you finished now?"

"Um, actually, I'm just getting started."

"Bloody Hell..."



This sundays random saying:

Life's a bitch. If it were easy it would be a slut!

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every sunday I will post a new saying.

Todays saying:
All elephants are Grey, but not all grey things are elephants!

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2nd "Edward dies"

     Bella stared as she watched him fight the war that had been going on ever since Vampires decided to fall in love.
Kill her...
But her scent is so sweet...Just a drop...
NO!!! Her body! Use her body!
He shook his head and attacked her mouth, his need ennuncitated with every movement. after a moment he pulled back to let her breathe, inhaling deeply as the sweet-salty scent of her arrousal rose from the folds of her womanhood. He groaned, and his eyes burned with lust, his pants tightening uncomfortably at his mixed needs. he rested his mouth against the top of her breasts.
"Bella..." He whispered. ""Do...Do you want to taste me?" he asked tentatively.
She moaned and her lips-and legs-parted. "What part of you?" She growled, her hands traveling suggestively to where the thick hairs of his "treasure trail" began.
His cock twitched at her touch, and he wanted to beg her to move her hands lower. "actually I was going to-ung-ask you if you wanted to taste my...tongue."
"You mean like a French Kiss?"
He shrugged. "If that's what they-"
He didnt have a chance to finish before she was on his mouth again. he moaned and parted his lips, and bella slowly slid her tongue in.
Her pain filled gasp, and the realization that she had sliced her tongue on his teeth, were the last intellegent thoughts he had before his mouth was filled with blood.
Alice gasped as she snapped out of her vision. She shuddered, and Jasper charged into the room as she began to scream and sob. Fear. sorrow. Horror. Despair. worry. Love. Loss. These washed over him in waves.
"Alice? Alice!" He gripped her shoulders, shaking her slightly. "Alice, what's wrong? What did you see?"
She wimpered again before choking out: "I...saw...him...kill...her!"
Jasper threw a thread of calm around her. "What do you mean?"
"I saw Edward kill Bella. They decided to get intimate and...and I think she cut her tongue on his teeth...and then there was blood everywhere, and his eyes were red! And now I can't see her anymore!"
Jasper growled and sent for Carlisle.
Edward snapped back into conciousness, and gasped in fear as he registered what he'd done. His front was soaked in blood, along with his hands.
"Oh, god...no..." He wimpered as he noticed bella's broken, drained form beside him. He had torn her apart. Her chest was ripped open and her heart-now pale and slightly shriveled- was exposed. Her throat and body were torn open as if from a wild animal. Her panties were in tatters, and he could see his essence pooled between her legs and on her breasts. He threw his head back and released a howl of despair. Lastly he looked at her face. Half of her skull was crushed beyond recognition, and the other half was frozen in a look of sheer terror. Her eye stared accusingly at him, as if asking him why he had killed her, and her mouth gaped open in an eternal scream.
He scurried away from her shattered corpse, curling into a fetal position and wimpering futil appologies.
Edward, are you there?
He buried his face in the corner as he heard carlisle approach. "I'm...I'm right here..." he croaked.
Carlisle slowly entered the room, grimacing slightly at the mess. "Edward, Alice and jasper told me what happened."
Oh god, he thought. My whole family knows now.
"I'm so sorry, Calisle...I tried so hard to resist...I just couldn't...I'm a monster!" Edward moaned, refusing to let his father see his eyes.
Carlisle gently set a hand on Edwards back. "Don't blame yourself..."
Edward stared at him, gesturing wildly at the pool of ejaculate on the floor. "Do you not see that?" He yelled. "I not only Killed her and mutilated her, I violated her corpse! I Ejaculated on her when I knew she was dead...I got off on...on...THAT! not just once, but twice! And the second time I...I masturbated! To a dead girl!"
Carlisle stared at him in shock. "Edward, I..."
Edward hung his head in defeat. "Father...Kill me...Please!"
Carlisle shook his head. "Edward, I can't-"
A sharp growl silenced him. "If you don't, I will find someone who will! I will go to the Quileutes. Or the Volturi. I will attack Rosalie and Alice, turn my brothers against me. I'll even attack Esme if I have to! I. No. Longer. Wish. To. Exist."  His voice was laden with despair.
Carlisle tried not to think as he tore his son apart, and set fire to Bella's home.
A/N: let me know if you want me to add a final part to this!


Writer's Block: How Rude!

What's the rudest thing you've ever asked anyone? And what's the rudest thing you've ever been asked?
Lets see, I've been asked if I was pregnant....and my sexual tendencies have been inquired about once or twice.
Ok, I know the stuff I usually put out Is twilight related, But occasionally I am in a Bloggeriffic mood. Like today.
Ok, so yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend, Xavier. I used to be crazy about this guy. Little did I know he was a player! I knew he had cheated in the past, but he swore he would never hurt me.I guess I was wrong. He was just....UGH!!!! No, I diddn't catch him in the act, although I would have enjoyed blasting his balls into next week for that one....lol. He just started getting distant  from me, not calling....barely visiting my fucking house...the straw that broke the camels back was when I try to call, and I get this:
"Welcome to Verizon Wireless...the number you are trying to reach has either been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service-"
I didn't bother hearing the rest of the stupid message. Needless to say I was pissed, since I had talked to him just a few days before, and he didn't even tell me! So I threw all of his shit together and told my friend. well...now I'm really pissed. Apparently  He was already planning on dumping me for another girl,or cheating on me with some other girl. And get this: The only reason we lasted longer than a month is because I was in california for a month!
    Now, This wouldn't be such a big deal if It weren't for one tiny little detail. I gave my virginity to that bastard!! I had sex with him, and he did...THIS!!! Why is it that guys don't know the meaning of respect? I feel like a whore now, because I thought I had loved him, I gave up everything to this boy...The way he treated me I might as well have asked for money if you know what I mean.
My parents are actually ok....They were both really upset at first, but now their cool with it. Ugh.


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