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Jackson walked closely next to Ashley.
"Ugh!" He grumbled in a voice low enough only she could hear as they finally escaped the throng of cameras and questions and pressing bodies. The broad smile he always plastered to his face long ago fell off. Ashley turned to him. "whats wrong?"
He breathed out in a huff. "Them, Ash. They fucking piss me off!" They stepped out of the elevator and onto their hall.
"I thought you loved being a ham?" she laughed.He scowled at her. "I do, usually..but not when their piggy little eyes rake over your body! Not when they ask about our personal lives! You are mine, and they're the last people I would ever allow to touch you."
She eyed him as he angrily pushed his way through the door."yours?" she repeated.
He nodded. "yes! mine! and no one else's. Only I'm allowed to touch you, to kiss you, to, well...you know."
Ashly giggled and swatted him on the arm. "Jack, sometimes you can be such a caveman."
He backed away a few steps and muttered something like "I'll show you a caveman" before hunching over and scrunching up his face. He began to grunt and snort like a gorrilla while dragging his knuckles on the floor. Ashley laughed at Jacksons antics, then squealed as he threw her over his shoulder.
"Yikes! Jack, put me down!" She laughed as he shuffled to the bedroom they shared. Jackson snorted and continued to grunt and growl. "My woman! -grunt- pretty -grunt grunt- My pretty!"
They both collapsed onto the bed laughing and he proceeded to tickle her, only stopping when her breath began to come out in gasps.
With his grin back in place he asked, "now do I act anything like that?"
She laughed , shook her head, and kissed him in a place that made his eyebrows rise and his breath stutter.