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A drunken Mistake, Part Two

 Rob sat up with a groan. He had royally fucked himself this time, and He had no clue how to fix it. Kristen was completely pissed off att him. She had refused to talk to him, or even look at him for several hours. He finally gave up and started calling his friends for advice.
Ring ring
"You've got Jackson."
"Finally! I'm in a right mess here."
A chuckle on the other end made rob frown in annoyance. "I'm guessing Kristen found out about you and those girls, and she's not happy."
"FUCK! Jackson you know godamn well you got me into this mess! Now tell me how to get out of it!"
Another laugh. "Actually, my friend, you got yourself into it. I didn't make you do anything. So don't yell at me, please." He finished with a tiny edge to his voice, and Rob know it was as close to a threat as Jackson was capable of getting. Jackson almost never got violent unless he needed to.
"Fine, Sorry...I'm just a little upset. How do I fix this?"
A sigh. And Jackson replyed: "You gotta talk to her. Give her a day, and be reasonable. Dude, even I would have been upset at you."
Rob Rolled his eyes. "this coming from the guy getting a blowjob under the table."
"I was not!"
"Right, so you were Moaning and squirming in your seat, and making sex faces for a different reason."
"Ok, maybe I was having a little fun....but the girl was hot!"
"Whatever...I gotta go try and Calm my Krissy-cat down..."
"See-ya, wouldn't wanna be-ya."
Rob hung up the phone and stared at it like jackson had told him he had another head.
Robert tiptoed gingerly into the living room-ish space to find Kristen crying on the couch. He gulped nervously.
"kris, love?"
The sobbing noises stopped.
"Kris, I'm so sorry I hurt you."
A frustrated growl rose frum under the blanket she was hiding under.
"Could you please talk to me?"
She turned to him, her eyes puffy from crying. "What the fuck do you want from me?"
He hung his head, defeated. "I was a fucking prick, and I'm sorry."
He took a chance, stepping closer. She unconciously leaned forward. He took this as a sign and came even closer to her, bending so he could look her in the eyes.
"Rob, what the hell would posess you to do that?"
He blinked, his throat temporarily glued shut, his deep eyes swirling with emotions. when he finally managed to tear away the massive lump in his throat, he wispered softly, "Kris, can I show you something?"
She shrugged. He reached up, slowly placing his hands on either side of her face. "This is the only face I wanna see in the mornings."
She eyed him warily.
He brushed his thumbs over her eyelids. " These eyes are the only ones I want to stare into when I make love."
His hands wandered downward, and she caught his wrists. "you don't need to go on, Rob. I get it."
He stared at her, a tear creeping into His eye. "I'm so sorry Kristen. I'm so very sorry."
She nodded. It was going to be okay. 


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Nov. 17th, 2009 11:14 am (UTC)
aww,love this one!although i wish it was longer.is there going to be a next part?
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