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Writer's Block: Acquired taste

What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

Pizza with Ranch dressing. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

Writer's Block: Brush with stardom

Have you ever stumbled across a celebrity in your daily life? Was it more or less exciting than you would have expected? Do you have any interest in meeting media stars?
umm...yeah, a few. I met Gerard way from the band My chemical romance, got to talk to him over the phone...that was fucking awesome. I also found Jackson Rathbone (twilights Jasper Hale) on youtube and we talked a little before he shut down his account.
Jackson walked closely next to Ashley.
"Ugh!" He grumbled in a voice low enough only she could hear as they finally escaped the throng of cameras and questions and pressing bodies. The broad smile he always plastered to his face long ago fell off. Ashley turned to him. "whats wrong?"
He breathed out in a huff. "Them, Ash. They fucking piss me off!" They stepped out of the elevator and onto their hall.
"I thought you loved being a ham?" she laughed.He scowled at her. "I do, usually..but not when their piggy little eyes rake over your body! Not when they ask about our personal lives! You are mine, and they're the last people I would ever allow to touch you."
She eyed him as he angrily pushed his way through the door."yours?" she repeated.
He nodded. "yes! mine! and no one else's. Only I'm allowed to touch you, to kiss you, to, well...you know."
Ashly giggled and swatted him on the arm. "Jack, sometimes you can be such a caveman."
He backed away a few steps and muttered something like "I'll show you a caveman" before hunching over and scrunching up his face. He began to grunt and snort like a gorrilla while dragging his knuckles on the floor. Ashley laughed at Jacksons antics, then squealed as he threw her over his shoulder.
"Yikes! Jack, put me down!" She laughed as he shuffled to the bedroom they shared. Jackson snorted and continued to grunt and growl. "My woman! -grunt- pretty -grunt grunt- My pretty!"
They both collapsed onto the bed laughing and he proceeded to tickle her, only stopping when her breath began to come out in gasps.
With his grin back in place he asked, "now do I act anything like that?"
She laughed , shook her head, and kissed him in a place that made his eyebrows rise and his breath stutter.



last night I dreamed I was licking Jackson Rathbone...for anyone who doesnt know who he is, click here: http://tengossip.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/jackson-tattoos3.jpg
It was so weird...something about his tattoo..I strated kissing it and he took his shirt off and then I started kissing his pecs, and I could smell his masculine scent...and taste the salty-spicy-sweet of his skin..needless to say it was a VERY good dream...

Writer's Block: Animal magnetism

What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?
Hands down I would choose a wolf. They are strong, Intellegent and spirited. They are dedicated to thier families. They are motherly...doing anything to protect what they have...Me in a nutshell.

Fucking Drama

UGh..fucked my way into trouble...
Ok so I met this guy, Ken..total sweety. we met at school and He was really sweet..we went to the park together and we flirted the whole time..It came time to leave and He said He had to Piss..He told me to guard the door and I joked I might take a peek...Suddenly Hes asking me If I was serious..He told me he couldnt piss cuz he was hard! I walk into the stall and his dick is sticking out...We fucked...The catch is that he already had a girlfriend. You would think by now that a girl who had been cheated on wouldnt be dumb enough to do a bathroom quickey with a guy whos off the market, right? WRONG! And Thats only half the drama..I go to tell my friend about it and she freaks out! She gets all like, Your not my friend anymore... And then she has the nerve to be all posessive! She doesnt own me, and she doesnt own him, am I right? This chick seriously needs to leave the drama in High school...

So am I right, Or was I being a bitch?

boys part two

ok so the other day my ex shows up at my door...the one who cheated on me...I confronted him and he denyed everything! so I basically told him to fuck off...I cried...why do I still want him? almost feel like I still love him? this is insane.

my cat tried to fuck me...he was sitting in my lap and started twitching his back end...I found a wet spot where his schlong would have been...ewwww!


My mother is dead. fucking dead. She had a heart attack. Now I've got two sisters to care for, and a house that's falling apart. I feel like this is all a dream. Like it's not real. But I know it's very real. and thats the worst part of it.


A drunken Mistake, Part Two

 Rob sat up with a groan. He had royally fucked himself this time, and He had no clue how to fix it. Kristen was completely pissed off att him. She had refused to talk to him, or even look at him for several hours. He finally gave up and started calling his friends for advice.
Ring ring
"You've got Jackson."
"Finally! I'm in a right mess here."
A chuckle on the other end made rob frown in annoyance. "I'm guessing Kristen found out about you and those girls, and she's not happy."
"FUCK! Jackson you know godamn well you got me into this mess! Now tell me how to get out of it!"
Another laugh. "Actually, my friend, you got yourself into it. I didn't make you do anything. So don't yell at me, please." He finished with a tiny edge to his voice, and Rob know it was as close to a threat as Jackson was capable of getting. Jackson almost never got violent unless he needed to.
"Fine, Sorry...I'm just a little upset. How do I fix this?"
A sigh. And Jackson replyed: "You gotta talk to her. Give her a day, and be reasonable. Dude, even I would have been upset at you."
Rob Rolled his eyes. "this coming from the guy getting a blowjob under the table."
"I was not!"
"Right, so you were Moaning and squirming in your seat, and making sex faces for a different reason."
"Ok, maybe I was having a little fun....but the girl was hot!"
"Whatever...I gotta go try and Calm my Krissy-cat down..."
"See-ya, wouldn't wanna be-ya."
Rob hung up the phone and stared at it like jackson had told him he had another head.
Robert tiptoed gingerly into the living room-ish space to find Kristen crying on the couch. He gulped nervously.
"kris, love?"
The sobbing noises stopped.
"Kris, I'm so sorry I hurt you."
A frustrated growl rose frum under the blanket she was hiding under.
"Could you please talk to me?"
She turned to him, her eyes puffy from crying. "What the fuck do you want from me?"
He hung his head, defeated. "I was a fucking prick, and I'm sorry."
He took a chance, stepping closer. She unconciously leaned forward. He took this as a sign and came even closer to her, bending so he could look her in the eyes.
"Rob, what the hell would posess you to do that?"
He blinked, his throat temporarily glued shut, his deep eyes swirling with emotions. when he finally managed to tear away the massive lump in his throat, he wispered softly, "Kris, can I show you something?"
She shrugged. He reached up, slowly placing his hands on either side of her face. "This is the only face I wanna see in the mornings."
She eyed him warily.
He brushed his thumbs over her eyelids. " These eyes are the only ones I want to stare into when I make love."
His hands wandered downward, and she caught his wrists. "you don't need to go on, Rob. I get it."
He stared at her, a tear creeping into His eye. "I'm so sorry Kristen. I'm so very sorry."
She nodded. It was going to be okay. 
Rob stumbled in the door, the stench of whiskey and booze rising off of him and assaulting Kristen's nose. He was drunk, and she was gonna have to clean up whatever mess he made-again.
"Damnit Rob!" She swore, Pushing him towards the couch. He could hold his drinks without a problem, He usually only got this drunk two or three times a year. He protested loudly, His slurred words making his british accent even harder to understand.
"EY! Wha.....whyooo yelling a' me? Wha  I do?" He wobbled forward and landed face first onto the couch. He lifted his head and grinned stupidly at her. She sighed and hoisted him into a sitting position.
"I'm pissed because you are fucking drunk."
He clapped a hand to his chest in an over exaggerated movenent causing him to wobble and fall onto his side.  " Tha'ss Inshulting! I'm no' dunk. I'm imbeebriated. Intocshicated." He let out a rediculous giggle.
She shoved him back into a sitting positon. "That's the same thing as being drunk, shithead."
He stared at her with unfocused eyes. "You can' keepsh your hands off me, can you?"
She rolled her eyes. He obviously had rum at some point. It made him horny. It also made him sick. Sure enough He was already turning slowly green. She propped her arms under his elbows and tugged him out of his seat. "Come on, stinky." she mumbled. He stumbled forward and collapsed against her, struggling to right himself. After releasing a loud belch He looked at her and appologised, his words filled with drunken ramblings and mumbles. She nodded as if she was listening. His words meant nothing when he was shitfaced. 
She Finally got him into bed after a brief struggle. He looked at her in graditude. "Thanksh, love. God, I fugging love you....You know tha' right?"
She shook her head. "Yeah Rob, I know."  She was trying so hard to be gentle, to be like him....But he had hurt her, by running off with a few whores at a guys night out. And she only knew because Jackson told her.  She shoved the puke bucket into his arms and stomped out of the room before she could start crying.

The next morning she had to nurse him back to health from his hangover.
"I'm so sorry about your shoes, love." He groaned. Some time in the night he had vomited in her closet and ruined her favorite pair of chucks. He gagged again, dry-heaving violently into the bowl she had given him. He had spat the tylenol right back up, so she had to whisper her reply.
"Stop calling me "love" okay, Robert?' She hissed bitterly. She was again on the edge of tears. More sober than last night, he picked up on it.
"What's the matter? Did I do something wrong?" He was suddenly nervous that he had hurt her....What had he done?
She shook her head. "Of fucking course. Of course you wouldn't remember it."
He was practically cowering now. "What don't I remember?"
"You decided to blow off my phone calls last night."
He wracked his brain, trying to see what...and then it hit him. She had texted him when he was out with the guys, trying to get him to come home before he got too drunk or hurt himself. Instead he had ignored her, called her a Nag, and ran off with a couple of whores. He had cheated in nearly the worst way. And Couldn't even tell her. Probably wouldn't have even if he could. How did she find out?
"Kris, I- I'm so sorry."
She sobbed quietly. "How could you, Rob? Knowing how much that would hurt me!"
"Kristen, I was drunk. I would never have done anything like that if I wasn't."
She turned to leave, then spun to face him again. "And I had to find out from Jackson! Fucking Jackson! I couldn't even hear it from you. At least your friends care enough about you and I to keep me informed!"
She stormed out of the room before he could fit in another word. Maybe she would forgive him. Maybe. But she would never forget.